An Excerpt from The Mass Readings Explained, 3rd Sunday in Advent (Year A)

by Brant Pitre December 05, 2016 2 Comments

This is an excerpt from The Mass Readings Explained video series on the 3rd Sunday in Advent (Year A).

In this video Dr. Pitre comments on the implications of Jesus' answer to the followers of John the Baptist whom John the Baptist sent to ask of Jesus, "Are you the one who is to come?"

You can find out more information and subscribe to this video series here:


Brant Pitre
Brant Pitre


2 Responses


December 11, 2016

Dr. Pitre, I can not thank you
enough. The Sunday readings
are so much more beautiful and alive because of your explanations. When Dr. Hahn
said the Old Testament is revealed in the New, I tried to
find it in the readings but I just
got lost and frustrated. Now, I
watch the video before Sunday
mass and get so much more
during the mass. Maybe your
next project is to write a book
in the explanation of the daily
readings? That would be awesome.

Christine Maso
Christine Maso

December 06, 2016

Dr. Pitre – I am soooo thankful to have my subscription to the Mass Readings Explained. I am a kinisthetic learner and it helps me so much to be able to listen, to follow along in the transcript and to go through the notes and question sheet to learn about our Great Lord. I am starved to learn more! THANK YOU. THANK YOU for your awesome work!!!

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