MP3 Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of MP3 Digital Download 

By purchasing any of Catholic Productions' MP3 files, you are purchasing one license per purchased file. Therefore, sharing is forbidden unless you delete the file from your electronic device upon sharing, so that the number of MP3 files in existence correspond to the number of licenses purchased. Not abiding by this rule is an infringement of copyright laws. Catholic Productions asks that you respect this rule in order to preserve Catholic Productions' ability to continue to offer MP3 Downloads and to produce Bible studies by its contracted speakers. 

Due to the nature of downloadable media like mp3's, if the link to the mp3 file(s) that you will receive in your email has been clicked, the purchase is non-refundable.


How Will I Download My Purchased MP3 File?  

Upon completing your purchase, you will have a link on your confirmation screen and a link sent to you via email through which you can download your mp3 file(s). The links will expire after 3 download attempts [however, you can always contact us if you encounter difficulties with your download].


I want to put my MP3's on a device besides my computer.
What do you recommend?

(1) Androids should be able to download directly to your mobile device

(2) iPads, iPhones, iPods:

        1) Download files to your computer using link received via email

        2) Create a playlist in itunes and drag all mp3 files into this playlist

        3) Sync playlist to your device